Before I found myself dabbling in the world of visual design, I was tinkering with musical instruments. Beginning with viola in 4th grade, I soon moved on to bassoon and although I wasn't extremely passionate about it, I never forgot it. Eventually grandma bought me my first bass guitar at age 14 and after many years of keen listening, I taught myself many instruments and home recording techniques. I've included some for your personal enjoyment.
The "Jam Room" circa 2018
Audio Recordings
Like visual design trends, my goals in music and stylistic approach change with time. First, I experimented with "getting a good sound" on whatever instruments I was working with. Next, it was getting the "biggest" sound which often included many layers of instruments. Now, when I get around to it, I try and exercise restraint with the amount of layers (or tracks) I use and focus on more interesting playing.
The sound samples below span around 15 years and vary in quality but regardless, I hope you enjoy! 
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